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Sex Doll FAQs

Doll-related questions

What is the difference between a TPE sex doll and Silicone sex doll?

Both TPE and Silicone materials are derived from medical grade latex material. So the material is waterproof and hypoallergenic for the mass population of the world. Please consult your medical provider in case you are not aware of the allergic reaction to latex with your body. Now there are some pros and cons between a TPE sex doll and a Silicone sex doll. TPE sex doll material is softer as compared to silicone sex doll material. TPE sex doll feels much closer to a real woman's skin in softness. TPE sex dolls are a little cheaper than Silicone sex dolls. TPE sex dolls can have some wear and tears while in use and can be easily fixed with our proprietary glue. TPE sex dolls can get skin stain from darker colored clothes unless such clothes are washed 2-3 times with Woolite detergent ahead of time. Silicone sex doll material is more durable than the TPE sex doll material. Our newly designed silicone sex dolls have much softer breasts, hips, and thighs. So a lot of our customers like our silicone sex dolls better than TPE sex dolls as they are more durable. With silicone sex dolls you don’t have to worry about skin staining. Also, it is really easy to fix any wear and tear of these dolls.


While the dolls on Amazon are advertised as cheaper, there are only two types of dolls sold on Amazon. The first type is a bait and switches counterfeit doll - unauthorized resellers will use official manufacturer photos and ship you a counterfeit doll made with poor non-medical made materials, not anatomically correct, smelly TPE, dangerous chemicals, etc. The second type is damaged & returned inventory - for whatever reason, these dolls typically have broken skeletons, noticeable damages, and the worst case would be that the mixture of the skin was not done properly and the material dries prematurely into a plastic-like texture. These are just some of the common things many buyers have fallen victim to. Buy cheap and you get what you pay for. Buy from us, an authorized retailer, and you will get 100% customer satisfaction.


What Shipping Methods Are Available?

Our Shipping Partners: Ups, FedEx, DHL, EMS. Total Shipping time: 3 - 15 days.Dolls are shipped directly from China where our Factory is located. Free shipping worldwide.

How long will it take to receive my sex doll?

Once your order is placed, we need 2-3 weeks for production and shipping. You should expect to receive your doll within 3 weeks of placing your order. Sometimes, do to the amount of orders received, or if a doll does not pass our quality assurance tests, we will need more than 3 weeks. In the case of any delay we will include free items in your order such as extra whigs, clothes, or even an addition head.


The doll will be packed in a plain carton box. Your doll will be labeled “mannequin”. There will be no information indicates that it’s a doll. Be aware, that Customs Agents may open your doll box for inspection and to determine import taxes for customers outside the USA.

Do you share photos of my sex doll order before shipping?

We only share photos if they are requested by our customer. Please understand that this step may create more delay in shipping your order. Once we take photos and share photos with you, your order needs to be extracted out of the assembly line and will sit there till we get your approval. So if you are ok with few days of extra waiting, then we have no problem entertaining your request for photos sharing.


Western Union / Bank Transfer

Western Union / Bank Transfer: After placing your order, please contact for banking details and include your order number.

PayPal(Credit Card & Debit Card)

PayPal is the most convenient payment method in the world! Through PayPal, we accept MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Discover, and bank transfers. No PayPal Account is Required when you pay through PayPal.

Will I have to pay any import duties or customs taxes on my sex doll?

In some countries import taxes might be required at delivery. We have nothing to do with this, it is required by some countries and it usually ranges from $120 to $200 and up, depending on the doll. Buyer is responsible for import taxes and fees.


Can I return my sex doll if I do not want it anymore ?

We do not accept returns as these are personal hygiene items. We only sell new dolls. In case you want to throw away the doll, please check with your local waste management guidelines on how to properly dispose it.

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