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Silicone Sex Dolls

Silicone Sex Dolls


When you choose to buy one or several sex dolls, you will be in an awkward situation of not knowing which material to choose sex dolls made of. There are many high-quality materials used to make sex dolls, such as plastic, silicone, TPE, rubber, and so on.

However, silicone and TPE are currently the two most used materials. Of course, the materials used to make sex dolls are not only these but also metal skeletons, wigs, and so on. We both have their own pros and cons, and based on their respective characteristics are ideal choices for different groups of people. 

Life-size modeled dolls are generally used to fulfill a person’s sexual desires and fantasies; some people dream about anal sex, but it is more difficult for people to achieve this goal in real life; a beautiful and perfect body Sex dolls can help them realize their desire for oral sex and anal sex.

Or, some people live very lonely. All they need is the companionship of the doll. They can get a kind of spiritual comfort from the sex doll. With the sex doll, they will feel that the world is more exciting.

Some people even regain their confidence from the doll.

Both silicone and TPE are soft and flexible materials, which means that they can be close to the touch of a real person. However, when it comes to reality and nature, silicone sex dolls have the upper hand. This is due to the material properties of silicone itself, which makes the makeup look more realistic on the doll, and the makeup is not as easy to fall off as the TPE doll.


Silicone is a non-Toxic, colorless, odorless,rubber-like substance, and liquid insolvent thermosetting elastomer. 

Silicones are used in many products, as the following major fields of application: insulation, coatings, cooking utensils, automobile, keyboard pads, medicine, and dentistry (e.g., tooth impression molds), and sex toys. The human skin will not have an allergic reaction to silicone. It is generally known for its non-porous material. The softness of silicone will differ from one technology to another. The texture of the silicone can be adjusted. The hardness and softness can be changed by controlling the amount of silicone oil.

Typically, the silicone has strong thermal stability(constancy of properties over a wide temperature range of −100 to 250 °C).  

If you are looking for silicone sex dolls instead of TPE sex dolls, then it means you will spend more money. But the money is worth it.


  • Easy to clean or disinfect.
  • Silicone can retain its structure and resist weight pressure regardless of the body type.
  • Since it has a non-porous texture, the face and body makeup of the silicone doll can be more exquisite and not easy to fall off. Therefore, in this respect, silicone dolls outperform TPE ones. It can be said that the photos of silicone dolls are exactly the same as the real ones.
  • Silicone dolls on the market are high-end dolls, which have higher heat resistance, stability, and service life than TPE dolls.
  • Silicone has stable properties and is not easy to color (when you put dark clothes on your doll). 
  • It is more convenient and worry-free than TPE material in terms of post-maintenance.
  • Another advantage of the high density of the silicone material is its strong shape-ability. The skin of the doll will be more tight and smooth then TPE dolls, and the details of the body curve and skin texture will be more perfect.


  • The manufacturing process of silicone dolls is more complicated, so silicone adult sex dolls are sometimes more expensive.
  • Silicone has a high density. In the case of the same volume, the silicone doll is definitely heavier than the TPE doll.
  • Silicon is less soft than TPE.
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