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Sex Doll Price

Sex Doll Price

Information about the sex doll price : 

Sex dolls are the inevitable future of the sex industry. These anthropomorphic masturbation dolls are getting more and more popular around the adult world, especially in Western societies, Japan, and China.

New technologies and materials have been used to make these love dolls more realistic than traditional blow-up dolls: Medical grade silicone or TPE, in particular, allowed a greater degree of realism. 

One of the most important things before buying a doll is to know the sex doll price and to avoid the scam. 

In general, one sex doll consists of an entire body and face. 

Sometimes, we can also see just the head, the torso, or pelvis, or other parts of the body. We called them Non-Standard forms or toys, not dolls. 

Cheap inflatable dolls are using air. These toys are in the lowest price range: less than 100 USD. These low-priced dolls were very popular in the past. 

Now Silicone Dolls and TPE dolls are the mainstream! And their price is over 1500 USD. Of those able to afford it, the dolls are worth every penny. 

6 Factors Affecting Price Determination of Sex Dolls ( Silicone Dolls or TPE Dolls) : 

  • Doll Brand 
High-end silicone dolls manufacturers are mainly based in Japan, the price of these dolls are usually over 3000 USD. Chinese manufacturers have appeared in recent years and occupied the middle market of love dolls. 

  • Doll Height
Dolls of different heights have differences in manufacturing details and the number of materials used. Obviously, taller dolls are more expensive than smaller ones because they require more materials to make.

  • Body Type 
There are many types of dolls, such as Athletic, Skinny, BBW, Petite, etc. The processing time and material usage of these body types are different.

  • Skeleton
Skeleton is something to support the doll's weight and to allow the dolls to change the posture. Each skeleton is constructed from more than 100 parts. Generally, there are the standard skeleton and the new generation ones, sometimes called EVO or Flexi. Yet, not all brands have the option.

  • Material 
The material used to make the doll is also an important factor affecting its price. The price of silicone is more expensive than TPE, so silicone dolls are more expensive than TPE dolls.

  • Shipping Fee 
Whether it is us or any other vendor's cooperating manufacturers are all located in China. Therefore, all finished dolls need to be shipped from China to all over the world. Airfreight rates will fluctuate frequently, especially during this pandemic, where freight rates will be more expensive. However, we will try our best to be 100% free shipping.

Customization of Sex Dolls: 

Each doll is tailored made to suit every taste. And no dolls will be stored in the warehouse of manufacturers for sale to customers. In other words, every doll player will receive a ‘fresh' sex doll and the manufacturer will produce their dolls according to their needs or tastes. 
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